11. syyskuuta 2012

Adding another language

outfit of the say:
dress H&M size L
shirt under the dress Seppälä, size m
leggins Primark size l
belt, 2nd hand
shoes from unknown place
hair flower, seppälä
Family Order aka brooch, selfmade

Family Order close up.
I made this to support my dear hubby in local council election
(Im not a fan of those plastic support-me-pins at all. I prefer something fancier)

after last weeks make-up free days, one pic of me in casual make-up

I ve been kindly asked inn several occations to write few words in a day in English.
It  seems, that there is some non Finnish speakers out somewhere who likes to know thing or two about me and my world. Since pictures only tell part of the truth, I decided write small summary of my thoughts in English too from now on. 
So here  we go, my first post in English.

With Love,


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