8. lokakuuta 2012

Fever till you sizzle - What a lovely way to burn

Three days of total silence was the doctor's order.
She noted that my throat is in a pretty bad shape.
so total silence now or good amount of speach therapy later...
She wondered why my vocal cords are not looking so good.
No idea.
Ultimate threat was given.
if I continue being as vocal as usual, there is (like absolutely is, not like there could be) a huge risk of developing cysts in my vocal cords.

Her recommendation was
 - talk more via FB, Twitter and SMS 
at least this week.

another ultimatum was - no more codein based flu meds.
whatta hell!!!??
they are my lifeline,my cure, they keep me up and running
She called them the False Illusion Providers.
but they make me feel invincible
(the are also not availble in Finland.)
Or Ireland how I miss you and your pharmacies.
My endless source of medication designed to take any flue (or any flue like feeling atleast) away.
Now Im stuck in my bed, here in cold Finland, with some crappy paracetamol and hot berry drinks.

Oh, but Ill survive.
All cheering comments are very welcome.

With Love,

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  1. Aw, that sounds horrible! I hope you feel better soon. You should try hot milk with honey in, that always makes me feel better :)