23. marraskuuta 2012

Ugly Duckling

Ajatuksen tasolla tahtoisin tallustella loppupäivän paperipussi päässä.

Onneksi tämä on totta vain sisäisessä maailmassani.
Lucky You, jotka katsotte elämää pääni ulkopuolella.

stressiä, näppylöitä, tukka huonosti
movember viikset
rähmäiset silmät
edes juuri huolletut ripset eivät piristä ilmettä
juuri ripsien vuoksihan olen tänään liikkeellä liki meikittä



kohta pääsen kotiin.
akkuni kaipaavat latausta.


How to survive another Rainy Day

Its raining again.
Another Grey rainy Day.

Only 6 months till summer.

Is it raining over there too?
And the sky, is it dull and gray?

If you can say 'no' to both my questions - well congratulations.
You are a lucky one today.

I feel lucky too.
I have a cup of hot Cinnamon Tea.
Not so bad day after all.

Helsinki this morning - rainy, grey and dull

OH, I found so super application for Iphone
, Its called Keep Calm maker.

I could not help myself.


Funny gadget to play around with.

That all now!
Have a good Friday!

With Love,

21. marraskuuta 2012

I have been nominated

Tara from Fashion Burger Blog and Bel  from B by Bel Blog  nominated me with an  Liebster Award today.
Thank you Girls!
Im already received this award once before, so this time I do not pass award further ahead.
I concentrate to answer these lovely questions Tara and Bel came up with.

so he we go

First 11  random facts about me

  1. I am right handed.
  2. Im thinking about making once again this year my annual 24 Hand Drawn Pics by Me Xmas Calender. Not 100% sure yet.
  3. I love cheese cake.
  4. I used to visit therapy bi-monthly, now I visit approximately once a month. And I think everyone should use some kind of therapy as a very useful self growth tool.
  5. I can not play any instrument.
  6. I have done a tattoo to my friend. And she still carries it around at her forearm.
  7. Im listening Emilie Autumn while working
  8. Im having a date on this coming Sunday
  9. I own a comprehensive collection of odd utensils in my kitchen
  10. I want an owl tattoo (I know, Justin Bieber has one too, but I been wanting it technically like before he was ever born, so he is the copy cat and not me.)
  11. In my family, we each have a different country in our birth certificate as the place of birth. Still we all share one and same nationality.

And then Taras wonderful questions.

1. Favourite meal? That is a hard one. I like so many eatable things. Lately I have fallen in love with Nepalise cuisine
2. If you could meet anybody, who would it be? HRH Elizabeth II the Queen of England
3. A pet peeve? (something annoying people do) spitting. I totally dislike spitting in public places
4. Something embarrassing about you we don't know! I snore. (or at least Redneck says that I do so)
5. Do you like Sushi? Yes I do. A lot.
6. Are you a dog or a cat person? I have both, a cat and a dog running around the house. Which one I prefer? Well, maybe I vote for rats. I used to have them too, and I really would like to have more rats.
7. Who is the last local band you saw perform? Can I pretend that Lady Gaga is a local band? I have never ever seen any local bands here...
8. If you were stuck in the wilderness, would you eat a big grub like Bear Grylls? If I ever get stuck in wilderness, I am there hopefully WITH Bear Grylls (and have to say that Im so pleased some one else besides me knows who Bear is)
9. What is your secret talent? I can shoot. I mean I hit the target, like in the middle of the target...or where ever I am aiming at.
10. How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth? one or two, since I only like huge marshmallows.
11. What are you afraid of? BIRDS, clowns, creepy people.

And here we have Bel's questions

1- When did you start blogging and why? I started blogging after my doctor, my shrink to be exact, told me that it would be useful for me to write things down.
2- What is your favorite food? Well, I stick with same answer regarding favorite food as in previous questioners.
3- Do you have any pets? Currently I have a cat and a dog. If I would be totally free from all reality challenges I would have a zoo.
4- Something embarrassing about you?! I usually wear odd pair of underwear. like blue bra with red knickers.
5- What are you afraid of? b.i.r.d.s
6- Do you have any secret talents? Im able to see peoples aura
7- What is the best gift you've received? My daughter (amd a pony, which I have not received yet)
8- Which country would you next like to visit? Germany
9- If you could do any job in the world what would it be? One day I will be a life coach
10- Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Multiple tattoos and one piercing (piercing is not visible most of the times)
11- Do you have any nicknames? Noup. I think I dont. Pet names I do have. But they are strictly between me and the pet name user.

Once again I have shared some secrets with you.
Hope you like my answers.

Did you learn anything new?

More secrets tomorrow.

With Love,

9. marraskuuta 2012

My new (wellness) Toy

Selfmade Hola Hoops.
Made out of meters of water pipe and insert-connector (one for each).
Yet they look pretty plain - all decoration is missing.

Wait until I get there.
Ill show that to you later.

And yep. They are working and Im hooked on hooping.

With Love,

6. marraskuuta 2012

Vote Me

You can find my blog HERE for voting.
Number 155 - that's it.
(plus there is tons of great 'curvy girl ' blogs to find and follow)

Thanks ahead!

Love you, me and All!

With Love,

4. marraskuuta 2012

For someone who likes tattoos, the most precious thing is bare skin.

So this post is dedicated to present my tattoos.
Lovely Bel asked me kindly share some pics of my tattoos, so here we go.

Altogether I have now days more than 20 too many tattoos to count individually.
Once I counted that I have sat far more than 80 hours under tattoo guns. 
(and I liked most of those hours)

But to be honest. If I had never ever taken the first tattoo, I would be totally bare skinned today.
I got my first one under a crisis (in a very bad moment and so on). It is was a one simple water drop - presenting purity and simple things that keeps you alive. (oh, what a drama queen I was on those days). It is all covered up now, hiding under a nautical star.

There is plenty of funny things and stories behind my tattoos. And Im proud to have pretty pics drawn to me by very talented people. Well, there is pics on me drawn by not so talented (or motivated ) artist too.

All the pics below belong to me.
Due to some filing related challenges, I had to borrow MY pics from websites :)

Very early state of my tattoos - around my wedding day
only bits and pieces here and there

my shoulder pics - old Stone Age gave painting from Finland : an elg headed boat

Eddie the Giraffe with some bubbles and dragonfly
(and there is the start that hides my first tattoo underneath it)

Trinity Know Brand
(it is really a scar, branded scar,  outlined with black ink)
And Forver - that one is my declaration for undying love

Sad but true, me and that other Forver are not in speaking terms anymore.
lucky us  love never dies - it only changes it appearance

This is how my back looks  at its current state

Beginning of my  funny colored tattoos -collection

After that more and more color has been added

from be front I look something like this

and this is how my left arm looks like today
After the left arm, we started with right arm

And today my right arm looks like this

Not all of my tattoos are shown here. 
Some of them are currently on so bad shape ( poor (like literally on those days, poor and broke, but had to get a tattoo) unlucky me - note to self : cheap price shit result) that even I do not want to look at them. So Im not showing them to you.

All My lovely Multicolored Artsy Tattoos (aka the flamingo, pony and the colors on my back) are made by Lovely Katariina.
I feel very honored to carry her beautiful work around with  me.

Sometimes I bust out and do things so permanent; like tattoos and marriage
-Drew Barrymore

With Love,