4. marraskuuta 2012

For someone who likes tattoos, the most precious thing is bare skin.

So this post is dedicated to present my tattoos.
Lovely Bel asked me kindly share some pics of my tattoos, so here we go.

Altogether I have now days more than 20 too many tattoos to count individually.
Once I counted that I have sat far more than 80 hours under tattoo guns. 
(and I liked most of those hours)

But to be honest. If I had never ever taken the first tattoo, I would be totally bare skinned today.
I got my first one under a crisis (in a very bad moment and so on). It is was a one simple water drop - presenting purity and simple things that keeps you alive. (oh, what a drama queen I was on those days). It is all covered up now, hiding under a nautical star.

There is plenty of funny things and stories behind my tattoos. And Im proud to have pretty pics drawn to me by very talented people. Well, there is pics on me drawn by not so talented (or motivated ) artist too.

All the pics below belong to me.
Due to some filing related challenges, I had to borrow MY pics from websites :)

Very early state of my tattoos - around my wedding day
only bits and pieces here and there

my shoulder pics - old Stone Age gave painting from Finland : an elg headed boat

Eddie the Giraffe with some bubbles and dragonfly
(and there is the start that hides my first tattoo underneath it)

Trinity Know Brand
(it is really a scar, branded scar,  outlined with black ink)
And Forver - that one is my declaration for undying love

Sad but true, me and that other Forver are not in speaking terms anymore.
lucky us  love never dies - it only changes it appearance

This is how my back looks  at its current state

Beginning of my  funny colored tattoos -collection

After that more and more color has been added

from be front I look something like this

and this is how my left arm looks like today
After the left arm, we started with right arm

And today my right arm looks like this

Not all of my tattoos are shown here. 
Some of them are currently on so bad shape ( poor (like literally on those days, poor and broke, but had to get a tattoo) unlucky me - note to self : cheap price shit result) that even I do not want to look at them. So Im not showing them to you.

All My lovely Multicolored Artsy Tattoos (aka the flamingo, pony and the colors on my back) are made by Lovely Katariina.
I feel very honored to carry her beautiful work around with  me.

Sometimes I bust out and do things so permanent; like tattoos and marriage
-Drew Barrymore

With Love,

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  1. Thank you for this post. I love your tattoos because of the colours and the light-heartedness. Thanks for the link also.
    <3 L

  2. Thanks so much for sharing!
    The flamingo and horse on your arms, and your colorful back with the dragonfly and giraffe one are truly beautiful! The details, colors and shadowing are magnificent!
    I like it when tattoos have a story behind them :)
    I only have one tattoo on my back that I got when I was 20. As you said once you get the first one, you want to go under the needle again! I have a couple more projects I have been meaning to get done for a while now. Problem is were I live (in Morocco) tattoos are banned by religion (so no official artists). I wish I knew an artist as talented as Katariina!
    Thanks again hun for this lovely post!
    Take care

    1. We(that includes me and beloved MrRedneck) travel form time to time odd places Europe to get tattoos done by amazing artist. My hubby has been tattooed in Hungary by super talented Zsolt in Dark Art Tattoo. We are so lucky now days, world is open and internet provides us with knowledge for tattoo artist. So religion my ban tattoo artist, but there is a right time and place for your next tattoos too. You just do not know the details now. All you have to do is dream and wait.

      Thank you for reading my posts <3

  3. Ihania <3 Onpa hassua nähdä sut punasella tukalla. Sopii hyvin sekin.

    1. Hahaaa. Punatukkahämäys. Tuo punainen oli ihan mun lemppari. Kunnes se lakkasi tarttumasta mun tukkaan :(
      byebye punainen tukka :(