23. marraskuuta 2012

How to survive another Rainy Day

Its raining again.
Another Grey rainy Day.

Only 6 months till summer.

Is it raining over there too?
And the sky, is it dull and gray?

If you can say 'no' to both my questions - well congratulations.
You are a lucky one today.

I feel lucky too.
I have a cup of hot Cinnamon Tea.
Not so bad day after all.

Helsinki this morning - rainy, grey and dull

OH, I found so super application for Iphone
, Its called Keep Calm maker.

I could not help myself.


Funny gadget to play around with.

That all now!
Have a good Friday!

With Love,

2 kommenttia:

  1. I'm sorry to say but I'm one of the lucky ones (blue sky here with the occasional downpour! A few new pics of my blog!) Mmm cinnamon tea! Love that!
    Have a good friday night!
    x bel

    1. We are lucky too. Sunshine here in Finland today!