21. joulukuuta 2012

Christmas Party at Daycare

Angelic Sounds of the Laughing kids 
Christmas Songs singed from the bottom of the heart
Tears in my eyes
Love in the air

That is what a Daycare Christmas party is made of.

I feel so honored I was able to be there to witness that all today.
part of me feels a bit guilty of appearing to the party, since I am at sick leave.
put I did not run around the Xmas tree and I tried not to hug and kiss anyone to not spread any bugs.
I felt kinda OK today, and I wanted to witness this party so much.
So I went there.
please, feel free to judge me for mis- use of sick days - I made a choice and fully stand behind it.
mostly at this point it seems that  I need a forgiveness only from my self for this miss-use  matter
After all, they are only little so short time.

Singing Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer

First Duet

a good party  includes inspiring dance moves


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