5. tammikuuta 2015

Onnea on kultaiset paljettisomisteiset legginssit

Ihanat kimaltava paljettitrikoot.
Any body is a Leggings body
- its not you body that matter, it's all about self love and attitude.
We all are worth for  leggings.

Voi miten kiitollinen olenkaan, että nämä paljettisomisteiset ihanuudet ovat minun. Olen jo kauan haaveillut paljettivaatteesta täydentämään vaatekaappini Special Occasion -osastoa - etsinyt oikeanlaista vaatekappaletta inspiroituen vuoroin Pinterestin kuvista sekä Ebayn juhlamekkovalikoimasta. Puolivahingoss eksyin viime viikon perjantaina H&M ja siellä nämä paljetti-ihanuudet minua odottivat. Olivat alerekin ainoa jäljellejäänyt kappale, juuri oikeassa koossa - kuulostaa siltä, että ne oli tarkoitettu juuri minulle.

Toinen vaatekaupassa tehty ostos Vuosi Ilman Uusia Vaatteita -projektin aikana - kaksi kolmesta vapaakortista käytetty. Ainoa (samalla mitä parhain) alennusmyyntilöytö tälle vuodelle.

Nyt odottelen uusille paljettitrikoilleni sopivan tilaisuuden ilmestymistä näköpiiriin.

Itseasiassa leggareiden henkeen sopiva tilaisuus - Burleskiteemaiset tuparit - oli käsillä juuri  viikonloppuna, vaan eipä ollut alkuukaan housuolo juuri tuona päivänä - ajatelkaas muuten, että vannoutunut hameihminen ruudun tällä puolella kiitollisena hehkuu onneaan, kun on onnistunut löytänyt uudet ihanat housut.

Glitteriä, paljetteja ja irtotimantteja - niistä DIY Burleskiteemaiset tuparit tehty.
Kiitokset ihanasta lauantai-iltapäivästä  ja hyvästä seurasta Burleskisiskoilleni.

In English

This is something totally new for my for this blog  - a short summary of every post in English. Special treat for all of you non Finnish speakers, who visit my blog. Thank you for visiting, but the way - I wanna thank you immediately and not wait for later with my thanks.

Today I am very grateful and totally happy about my new awesome golden sequin leggings. I found this pair in H&M sale - my only sale find son far (not that I have been very active in sales anyway). These amazing leggings were only pair available and in correct size - Destiny, I should say. 

I have been hunting for some sort of sequin item for some time. My wardrobe has been missing The One very special Item - to be worn in Very Special Occasions (aka in times that there is a party ahead and I hear The Soul Calling to spice up life a little bit). 

Generally  speaking I am currently in kind of a "shopping strike" - more specifically told I am taking a part of a project called A Year without New Clothes. This project is one of those Facebook group and absolutely something I truly find interesting. Aim is to survive a whole year without purchasing any new clothes from stores (2nd hand buys and all sort of swapping is OK and actually recommended). In this project everyone is given 3 "wild cards" aka the possibilities to buy new clothes (cause you might rib the only pair of pants you have) - with my new sequin pants 2/3 of my "wild cards" are now used.

I am full scale skirt girl, and yet here I am being super grateful and happy about new pair of pants. That amazes me too -  in a very good way.

So now I am only waiting for next Special Occasion to break in these lovely pants. I have a feeling that this occasion is here sooner than I can even imagine.

I will let you know when the day is here.

Actually, I had a very good change to wear these pants on last weekend - unfortunately (or the pants I mean) Saturday was not I want to wear a pants -day for me. Me and my Burlesque Sisters attended an awesome Burlesque themed house warming party hosted by one of our lovely Burlesque sister. Glitter, sequins, Swarovski stones and DIY projects -  that's all our Sister Meetings are always about. Such a wonderful time we had - thanks for my B'Sisters for fun laughter filled evening.

So, what you thing about this new English addition?
Feel free to speak your mind!


4 kommenttia:

  1. Aw! Thank you so much for doing this! <3

    I guess... if you won't find a chance to wear them soon... you have to just make one up yourself, hahaha!
    I really like these pants. They make me think of Columbia from Rocky Horror Picture Show for some reason.

    That project seems to be quite interesting. Since I am someone who is just a hoarder of clothes... I shoul try this out, hahaha!
    Just a few days ago I saw someone on Instagram who put all his clothes on hangers the wrong way around and in 6 months or a year, he wants to see which of these he actually put on. That's a pretty clever idea... but still... some thing I could not give away, I think, hahaha. <3

    1. Im happy to do this - my English needs actually more practice, since now days I do not use it like I used to. We used to live in Ireland and speak English as home language - but now it is Finland and Finnish all around me.

      My pants could be a perfect outfit to go and see Rocky Horror Picture Show - I hope they show it somewhere (like any of those open air movie nights) next summer. I might start to keep searching this kinda event :)

      Clothing project are indeed very interesting! Oh boy how much about myself I have learned while doing them. I like the idea of hanging clothes in hangers wrong way and see what of those you are gonna wear - pretty awesome idea.

      Ill tell you a secret - I really like people with endless wardrobes. Especially when those, who are able to come up with killing outfit every time they go around their clothes collection. Does not work for me - but for those who it work, those people inspires me :)

  2. Hyvät noi sulla!!! Töihinkin laitettava!!!

    1. Joudut järkkäämään bileet. Nää on mun työminän ulottumattomissa :D :D :D